Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

Small business owners are focused on delivering value for their customers and may not have the time or expertise to contend with technology matters. Consult with an expert. Our cybersecurity consultants have over 20 years of experience in information technology and security. Cyber Security Experts offer a variety of consultancy services to ease the burden of assessing, researching and selecting an existing or a proposed security platform.

Security Services Consulting

We offer a full-range of security services and technical assessments that will help you cut your cybersecurity risk. The following are the most sought after consulting requests:

  • Vulnerability assessment (perimeter security)
  • Firewall configuration review (network security)
  • SPAM, Phishing and general email configuration (email security)
  • Server configuration review (server security)
  • Employee computer security (PC security)
  • Application vulnerability review (application security)
  • Patch management program (operating system security)
  • Virtual private networking (remote access security)
  • Office 365 and other Software-as-a-Service (Cloud security)

With more than 20 years of expertise in the security and technology consulting space, we desire to be your one-stop cybersecurity shop.  

Contact us by text, phone or email to take advantage of the free consultation.

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