Security Education

Areas of Concentration

Sr. Management Cybersecurity Training

The executive management team’s view on cybersecurity and policy adherence will set the tone for the rest of the business. Sr. leaders will be trained in a variety of cyber topics. You’ll want to know what to do if your business is hit by ransomware, an unintended data disclosure or some other cybersecurity incident.

Information Technology Cybersecurity Training

Information Technology professionals have the technology keys to the business. Therefore, they should adept and utterly familiar with all aspect for cyber, physical and logical security. Their training must provide them the wherewithal to effectively oversee the technology assets that they are responsible for.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Employees are the principle targets of hacker attacks. They are often busy multi-tasking and may not always operate from a heightened sense of awareness. Businesses have to ensure they have the training to stimulate vigilance with the know-how to spot and stop a cyber attack. This is a critical part of a healthy security program.

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