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We have taken the time to curate and aggregate some of the best cybersecurity news for our clients. The top four cybersecurity news feeds are updated daily on the Cyber Security Experts website. Come back daily to read articles from leading sources. The independent news site contributors focus on all areas of information security. You can expect detailed articles on breach headlines, malware outbreaks, ransomware exploits, Phishing campaigns, IoT attacks, cybercrime and several other topics that are impacting governments and businesses.

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  • Romanian Skimmer Gang in Mexico Outed by KrebsOnSecurity Stole $1.2 Billion
    by BrianKrebs on June 3, 2020

    An exhaustive inquiry published today by a consortium of investigative journalists says a three-part series KrebsOnSecurity published in 2015 on a Romanian ATM skimming gang operating in Mexico's top tourist destinations disrupted their highly profitable business, which raked in an estimated $20 million a month and enjoyed the protection of top Mexican authorities.

  • REvil Ransomware Gang Starts Auctioning Victim Data
    by BrianKrebs on June 2, 2020

    The criminal group behind the REvil ransomware enterprise has begun auctioning off sensitive data stolen from companies hit by its malicious software. The move marks an escalation in tactics aimed at coercing victims to pay up -- and publicly shaming those don't. But it may also signal that ransomware purveyors are searching for new ways to profit from their crimes as victim businesses struggle just to keep the lights on during the unprecedented economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring
    by BrianKrebs on May 29, 2020

    When law enforcement agencies tout their latest cybercriminal arrest, the defendant is often cast as a bravado outlaw engaged in sophisticated, lucrative, even exciting activity. But new research suggests that as cybercrime has become dominated by pay-for-service offerings, the vast majority of day-to-day activity needed to support these enterprises is in fact mind-numbingly boring and tedious, and that highlighting this reality may be a far more effective way combat cybercrime and steer offenders toward a better path.

  • UK Ad Campaign Seeks to Deter Cybercrime
    by BrianKrebs on May 28, 2020

    The United Kingdom's anti-cybercrime agency is running online ads aimed at young people who search the Web for services that enable computer crimes, specifically trojan horse programs and DDoS-for-hire services. The ad campaign follows a similar initiative launched in late 2017 that academics say measurably dampened demand for such services by explaining that their use to harm others is illegal and can land potential customers in jail.

  • Report: ATM Skimmer Gang Had Protection from Mexican Attorney General’s Office
    by BrianKrebs on May 26, 2020

    A group of Romanians operating an ATM company in Mexico and suspected of bribing technicians to install sophisticated Bluetooth-based skimmers in cash machines throughout several top Mexican tourist destinations have enjoyed legal protection from a top anti-corruption official in the Mexican attorney general's office, according to a new complaint filed with the government's internal affairs division.

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