Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk management is a continuous process which begins with an assessment of the current security posture. Cyber Security Experts understand information security risk and the associated impact it can have on a business. Our consultancy practice will help you create a customized cybersecurity risk management program tailored to your business vertical. The risk assessment will provide an easy to understand baseline of your current cybersecurity posture. Having an in-depth understanding of your security risks will ease subsequent decisions regarding security policies, process and safeguards. Aligning security risks with business functions and objectives permit rational decision making regarding which technology system to deploy and when. Cutting cyber risk is what we specialize in using two security framework options. For 1 to 250 employees we recommend the CIS security framework. For companies with 250 to 1500 employees, we recommend the NIST CSF security framework. 

Security Framework Options

2 Excellent Selections

The security framework sponsored by CIS Controls are a fantastic starter set of cybersecurity safeguards. The controls recommended in this framework establish mitigating actions quickly. Cyber defenses will be evaluated and established to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous attacks.The controls are prioritized and focus on smaller organization with a less technical composition. 

The National Institute of Standards for Technology (NIST) developed the cybersecurity framework (CSF) for critical infrastructure. Since then, NIST CSF has expanded to cover private sector security and governmental entities. The NIST security framework has four levels and is ideally suited for larger organizations with rigid compliance and governance requirements.

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