Computer Security

Areas of Concentration

Windows Operating System Patching

The Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) is the most widely used OS in the world. Unfortunately, it is also the most vulnerably OS on the planet as well. Business require an automated strategy to apply security patches as soon as the are available.

Apple Mac Operating System Patching

There Apple Macintosh (Mac) Operating System is the second most used (OS). Although it does not have as many critical security flaws as Microsoft, it does from time to time have experience some significant vulnerabilities that must be addressed promptly.

Anti-Virus Protection

Most businesses have anti-virus (AV) software installed on the desktops and laptops. We see in the News weekly that having AV software that has not been configured properly can permit the virus to load itself on the computer. Additional tweaks are required to get the best results from the AV software. 

Malware Protection

 Malware had become the most destructive piece of software every known to man. We find that more often than not AV software cannot detect and stop all malware types. We strongly recommend a dedicated malware program to detect and quarantine. Selection can be trickly, but don’t worry – we’re here to help.


When compromised data is stolen that is not encrypted, hackers are able to immediately monetize the stolen data. However, if the data (at rest) is encrypted bad actors are unable to read the information rendering it useless. Each business requires a strong encryption plan for all of their assets that can be connected to over the company wired or wireless network or the Internet.

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