Application Security

Areas of Concentration

Security Code Review

Identify the weak points in the code before the bad do. Organizations that develop software in-house may expose the business to unacceptable risks through security vulnerabilities within the code. We will show you how to avoid this issue with secure code reviews.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

Incorporating security for the very start of the development process will ensure that the code is bug and vulnerability free before it is made available on the Internet. Cyber Security Experts will can help you be a secure SDLC model from inception to decom

Application Patching

Hackers and bad actor are reviewing vendor announcements to determine what vulnerabilities have found in your mission critical software. Businesses need awareness of these announcements as well as an automated solution to apply the application security patches as soon as possible. We can assist you with both of these tasks to preserve the integrity of your core applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

The bad guys are scanning your network to see if they can find a weakness to exploit. Get ahead of them with automated vulnerability that occur on a regular basis. Having a robust vulnerability strategy will reduce the likelihood of your business from being compromised.

Penetration Testing

Identify and verify weaknesses where your company unites with the Internet. A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your company’s network systems. The intent of this check is to determine if vulnerabilities exist and confirm that they are exploitable. Cyber Security Experts can help you perform this test.

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