Why Hackers Target Small Businesses

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Owners are faced with many decisions when they decide to start a small business. The primary business affairs are the focal point. They opt not to invest in cybersecurity technical controls. Unfortunately, this leaves no consideration for a cyber defense strategy. The pursuit of profitability leaves IT default configurations and passwords set to the factory default resulting in wide-open access for bad actors. Without question, this can be a major issue for a new business. The four major reasons why cyber attacks cause small businesses fail can be found here. Small businesses are excellent easy targets for hackers. They have far more sensitive information than individuals and little to no security resources to stop the bad guys.

Hackers Target Small Businesses

Cyber criminals are targeting small businesses for three reasons. First, Small businesses typically do not have dedicated Information Technology (IT) or security staff to advise the owner on security best practices. This leads to the second reason which suggests that small businesses are less sophisticated from a technology standpoint and this gives the hacker an edge. Many small business owners simply don’t know which security systems to acquire to protest their technology assets and data.  Third, small businesses may have a network connection or partnership with a larger organization which may be the actual target. If any of these scenarios play out, legal fees, lawsuits, and regulatory fines typically put small businesses out of business within a few months or damage their reputation to the extent that larger organizations are not willing to do business with them.

Cyber security starts with a risk assessment!

Common Question

We are often asked, “what can we do to protect our equipment and our brand? Click here to find the answer. Create a well-constructed cybersecurity defense that provides layered protection for your network, servers, applications, workstations and mobile devices. A robust cybersecurity plan does not have to cost a lot of capital. For the absolute best results, technical defenses should be married with targeted security awareness training. Training should be designated as mandatory for all members of the organization and periodically tested for reinforcement. The last line of defense is the employee.


Cyber Security Experts offer low-cost cybersecurity risk assessments to help you quickly assess your current security posture. A simple to understand security plan will be delivered at the end of the assessment. Non-technical people can implement it without headache. If you want to avoid a data breach – get a risk assessment.

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