Exactly What is CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity is an information technology process for protecting networks, servers, applications, workstations and mobile devices from cyber attacks. Cyber attacks pose serious and sometimes permanent danger for global corporations down to small businesses, employees, and home users. Such attacks may be intended to steal, destroy or ransom sensitive information for illegal monetary gain. As a result of lawsuits, reputation damage and regulatory fines, many companies are not able to survive a data breach – especially small businesses.

Exactly what is cybersecurity? Numerous Threat vectors……

We are often asked, “what can we do to protect our equipment and our brand?” Create a well-constructed cybersecurity defense that provides layered protection for your network, servers, applications, workstations and mobile devices. A robust cybersecurity plan does not have to cost a lot of capital. For the absolute best results, technical defenses should be married with targeted security awareness training. Training should be designated as mandatory for all members of the organization and periodically tested for reinforcement. Employees are the last line of defense.

Cyber Security Experts offer low-cost cyber security risk assessments to help you quickly assess your current security posture. A security plan coupled with simple recommendations will be delivered at the end of the assessment, so that non-technical people can implement it without headache. This inexpensive process will help you avoid a data breach before it happens, while protecting your sensitive information and technology assets.  

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