3 Simple Steps for Cyber Safety

1. Call Cyber Security Experts

2. Schedule a FREE IT cyber assessment

3. Address the assessment recommendations

FREE Perimeter and Internal Security Assessment

Cyber Security Experts will conduct an exhaustive threat and vulnerability assessment of the network perimeter accompanied by a thorough review of the security controls. Each area will be carefully evaluated. Together, these two reviews are foundational for understanding cybersecurity gaps and precisely where to apply technical measures to eradicate the weaknesses.  

On average, our consultants have 22 years of security and technology expertise ranging from publicly traded to early-stage start-up organizations. In addition to having more than two decades of experience, our assessors are certified cybersecurity experts with certificates in good standing from ISC2 and ISACA.

The cybersecurity visibility gained from the perimeter and internal security assessment will offer insights on network equipment, security appliances, IoT devices, physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and business critical applications.

Bad guys scan your network to see if they can find a vulnerability to exploit. Our assessment will pinpoint each of the areas where you are vulnerable. Our recommendations provide corrective actions to help protect your company from unintended sensitive data or intellectual property exposure.

Why Choose Us?

Get the most of your time and effort!


Business Alignment

99% of businesses depend on the Internet. Aligning your cybersecurity posture with your business objectives is essential to protect your business against data breaches. Cyber risk management is required to secure future growth.


Trusted Advisory

We Specialize in cybersecurity. Our consultants are certified and on average possess over 22 years of cybersecurity and Infrastructure technology expertise. Their depth and breathe range from publicly traded to startup organizations.


Business Resilience

A comprehensive security program does't have the cost a lot of money. 58% of cyber breaches are levied against small and medium-sized businesses. Cyber Security Experts will help you select tools that are effective and affordable.

Industry Recognition and Standards of Excellence

Work with "A" rated Cyber Security Experts


See What Our Clients Have To Say....

Feedback and Testimonials

"The risk assessment was presented with sufficient evidence to provide validity. Best free cyber service I have come across in quite some time."
~Marvin Reed~
"Cyber Security Experts helped us button up our security program in no time flat. The consultant was knowledgeable and explained the recommendations and what we needed to do in simple terms."
~Tim Redman~
"I just wanted to thank the team for assisting us with our cybersecurity concerns. I feel much better knowing we now have a plan!"
~Jean Stone~
"Thank you for helping us regain control of the email and for sharing security awareness tools to educate our employees."
~Mary Perkins~
"You called us back in short order. Thank you walking us through the problem without the techie talk. We would recommend your company to any of our business colleagues."
~Jeffrey Baxter~
"You guys truly know what you are doing! We will continue to work the plan until it is complete."
~Bill Taylor~
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