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Partnering with Small Business to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Small Business Cyber Safety is our Core Focus

All Small Businesses Need a Cybersecurity Strategy

Breach Prevention is Absolutely Imperative for Small Business

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Partnering with Small Businesses to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Experts is based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We service local and out-of-state small businesses through on-site or remote engagements.Our primary objective is to help small business owners understand their cyber security risk through a risk assessment. The risk assessment is based on one of two industry-standard security frameworks. The findings report will outline prioritized recommendations for business owners. The end goal is to equip business owners with a cybersecurity strategy that will secure their businesses against cyber attacks. 


Small Business Cyber Safety is our Core Focus

According to the Small Businesses Administration, small businesses represent 99% of businesses in the United States. Small businesses are the primary targets for cyber bad actors. Hackers and cyber criminals understand that SMBs typically do not have an IT security employee or effective standard security controls. Last year, 64% of cyber breaches were levied against small businesses. Since small businesses are easier targets, cyber attacks against them are increasing. Stolen personal or health information can be quickly and easily monetized. We help small businesses create a viable risk management strategy to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of their data.  

All Small Businesses Need a Cyber Security Strategy

Hardware and software vulnerabilities abound in network equipment, computers and applications. Savvy cyber criminals exploit the weaknesses to attack the business. Business-critical information, intellectual property, and sensitive information are unintentionally released and compromised. Even worse, ransomware is used to encrypt the information just before the data backups are intentionally destroyed by the hackers. Most small businesses do not have enough capital to pay the ransom or cyber insurance to offset the cost. This scenario forces 60% of small businesses to go out of business within six months of the cyber event. Scenarios like this can be avoided!

Breach Prevention is Imperative for Small Businesses

Cyber Security Experts understand how the bad guys operate. Our security practitioners can be a vital partner for assessing and implementing the essential elements of a sound risk management strategy. Many small businesses have a technological edge. They don’t have as many Internet-enabled entries and exits to protects. The network size and the number of PCs connected to it tend to be smaller and less complex. The applications that are necessary to run the business are typically less than 20. A good risk assessment will reveal the security issues and aid the creation of a healthy cyber security program. A healthy security program will protect your personnel, your sensitive information and your intellectual property from cyber intruders. We want every small business we come in contact with to prosper and excel!

Take action now to protect your business from cyber criminals, hackers and bad actors.



Risk Assessment

Our comprehensive risk assessment will help you quickly identify your security gaps. The final findings reports will outline prioritized recommendations for business owners. Keep you business safe from hackers.

Technical Consulting

We offer a variety of consultancy services to ease the burden of researching, selecting assessing an existing or a proposed security platform. Let us help you secure your business with the right tools and configurations.

Audit and Compliance

Seasoned assessors with over 15 years of expertise can assist you with HIPAA, HITECT, and PCI-DSS governance reviews. Pre-audits for year-end financials, SSAE18 readiness and annual IT audits are well within our audit and compliance capability.

Policy Writing

Policies should be well-written, grammatically accurate, and properly formatted. Security policies are an essential element for a healthy security strategy. Security procedures and controls should always accompany an authoritative set of policies.

More on Services

Risk Assessment

Risk management is a continuous process which begins with an assessment of the current security posture. Cyber Security Experts understand information security risk and the associated impact it can have on a business. Our consultancy practice will help you create a customized cybersecurity risk management program tailored to your business vertical. Our risk assessments provide an easy to understand baseline of the efficacy of your current cybersecurity posture. Having an in-depth understanding of your security risks will ease subsequent decisions regarding policy, procedure and controls. Aligning security risks with business functions and objectives permit rational decision making regarding which technology system to deploy and when. Cutting cyber risk is what we specialize in using two security framework options. For 1 to 250 employees we recommend the CIS security framework. For companies with 250 to 1500 employees, we recommend the NIST CSF security framework. 

Technical Consulting

Small business owners are focused on delivering value for their customers and may not have the time or expertise to contend with technology matters. Consult with an expert. Our cybersecurity consultants have over 20 years of experience in information technology and security. Cyber Security Experts offer a variety of consultancy services to ease the burden of assessing, researching and selecting an existing or proposed security platform. We can help you cut your cybersecurity risk with the following technical services:

  • SPAM, Phishing and general email configuration (email security)
  • Vulnerability assessment (perimeter security)
  • Firewall configuration review (network security)
  • Server security product (server security)
  • Employee computer security (PC security)
  • Application vulnerability review (application security)
  • Patch management program (operating system security)
  • Virtual private networking (remote access security)
  • Office 365, G-Suite and other Software-as-a-Service (Cloud security)

Audit and Compliance

Cyber Security Experts understand the importance associated with achieving and sustaining compliance governance. Interpreting and implementing an audit and compliance program can be a tough task for small businesses. Our IT security compliance consultants are available and prepared to help you successfully negotiate your compliance mandates. A typical engagement involves a comprehensive assessment of policies, procedures, network design, perimeter security, specific compliance controls and other technical requirements. We can help with:

  • SSAE18

With 15+ years of expertise in compliance and certified assessors, we believe we offer our clients an edge. Our experienced security compliance consultants will help you cut through the governance jargon to get to the heart of where your organization stands, what gaps require remediation and step-by-step recommendations for closing the gaps to get you compliant.

Compliance mandates are necessary, but often become significant disruptions for many businesses. We want to see small businesses succeed. For the compliance frameworks that we support, we have competitively priced them to ensure core consumers that take advantage of the service.

Policy Writing

Your company and client’s personal identifiable information (PII) is extremely important. Policy writing for risk reduction, data security or compliance is paramount. The executive management team will be required to share their views and opinions on risk, which will translate directly to the security program goals. A standardized security framework should be adopted by the executive team which will drive technology selections and security controls. Additional decisions on other IT policies, compliance mandates and supplementary documents (Business Continuity or Disaster Recover) will be necessary to complete the process. The documentation writing can take place after successfully completing each of these tasks, selecting a policy design and determining the critical elements. Cyber Security Experts can assist with this task by augmenting your organization to create polices such as:

  • Information Security
  • Compliance
  • Vendor Management
  • Identity and Access
  • Clean Desk
  • Acceptable Use
  • Change Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Encryption
  • Device Hardening
  • Endpoint Security
  • Remote Access
  • Security Awareness
  • Incident Response

Policy documents play a key roll in providing an administrative structure for protecting resources that are crucial to the organization. The policies that we craft will be done professionally and thoroughly. We also ensure that they are well-written, grammatically accurate, correctly formatted and presented with a uniform look and feel. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Reserve a no cost, no obligation consultation to determine if your business is a good candidate for our services.

Service Fees

Cyber Security Experts was formed to serve small businesses.We offer the same quality and rigor as the larger security firms, but without the layers of overhead which drive up the cost. We admonish our clients to compare our simple and transparent fees to the competition. 

Compliance and Audits


Per service

  • SSAE18
  • Annual IT Audit

(NIST) Risk Assessment


Per Domain

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Executive Presentation
  • Security Strategy

(CIS) Risk Assessment


Per Domain

  • Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Executive Presentation
  • Security Strategy

Technical Consulting


Per hour

  • Network Security
  • Server Security
  • PC Security
  • Application Security & more..

About Us

We Love What We Do

Cyber Security Experts is a small business created specifically to augment and aid other small businesses to reduce cybersecurity risk and unintended disclosure of sensitive information.


Why Cyber Security Experts


Empower small businesses with quality cybersecurity products at a fraction of the cost to radically reduce risk.


Our mission is to join hands with small businesses nationwide to help them create a viable cybersecurity risk management strategy in order to preserve the safety and security of their digital IDs and underlying assets.


-To be ethical, honest and fair

-Strive to exceed expectations

-Listen, learn and collect all of the facts

-Keep security risk management affordable

Nationwide Availability

We are based in the the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. In person meetings are available in this geographic area. However, the effective use of technology facilitates remote video engagement with anyone in the United States. Remember: Our core focus is centered on small businesses.


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