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Partnering with Small Business to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Small Business Cyber Safety is our Core Focus

All Small Businesses Need a Cybersecurity Strategy

Breach Prevention is Absolutely Imperative for Small Business

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Security Risk Evaluation

Partnering with Small Businesses to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security Experts is based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We service local and out-of-state small businesses through on-site or remote engagements.Our primary objective is to help small business owners understand their cyber security risk through a risk assessment. The risk assessment is based on one of two industry-standard security frameworks. The findings report will outline prioritized recommendations for business owners. The end goal is to equip business owners with a cybersecurity strategy that will secure their businesses against cyber attacks. 


Small Business Cyber Safety is our Core Focus

According to the Small Businesses Administration, small businesses represent 99% of businesses in the United States. Small businesses are the primary targets for cyber bad actors. Hackers and cyber criminals understand that SMBs typically do not have an IT security employee or effective standard security controls. Last year, 58% of cyber breaches were levied against small businesses. Since small businesses are easier targets, cyber attacks against them are increasing. Stolen personal or health information can be quickly and easily monetized. We help small businesses create a viable risk management strategy to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of their data.  

All Small Businesses Need a Cyber Security Strategy

Hardware and software vulnerabilities abound in network equipment, computers and applications. Savvy cyber criminals exploit the weaknesses to attack the business. Business-critical information, intellectual property, and sensitive information are unintentionally released and compromised. Even worse, ransomware is used to encrypt the information just before the data backups are intentionally destroyed by the hackers. Most small businesses do not have enough capital to pay the ransom or cyber insurance to offset the cost. This scenario forces 60% of small businesses to go out of business within six months of the cyber event. Digital incidents are averaging about $200K to correct. Scenarios like this can be avoided!

Breach Prevention is Imperative for Small Businesses

Cyber Security Experts understand how the bad guys operate. Our security practitioners can be a vital partner for assessing and implementing the essential elements of a sound risk management strategy. Many small businesses have a technological edge. They don’t have as many Internet-enabled entries and exits to protects. The network size and the number of PCs connected to it tend to be smaller and less complex. The applications that are necessary to run the business are typically less than 20. A good risk assessment will reveal the security issues and aid the creation of a healthy cyber security program. A healthy security program will protect your personnel, your sensitive information and your intellectual property from cyber intruders. We want every small business we come in contact with to prosper and excel!

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